Lubricant components for E-fluids

,  9am Detroit | 3pm Stuttgart
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Dr. Thomas Rühle, Technical Service Manager Lubricant Additives and Basestocks, BASF | LinkedIn

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The lubricant specification landscape for electric vehicles is still under development, and the requirements for the lubricants are a moving target. These fluids must have an ultra-low viscosity to provide excellent energy efficiency and cooling performance, and are also required to deliver adequate wear protection of the gears at the same time.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Dr Thomas Rühle of BASF presents lubricant technologies for electric vehicle applications designed to meet and exceed requirements like high thermal resistance, copper corrosion protection, good electrical properties, and compatibility with new metal/plastic materials.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Current lubricant technologies in the EV market
  • Dielectric fluids for electric vehicles
  • Technical requirements for dielectric fluids
  • BASF’s base stocks for EV lubricants
  • BASF’s additives for EV lubricants

Meet the experts

Dr. Thomas Rühle

Technical Service Manager Lubricant Additives and Basestocks, BASF