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Nakul Dhanya, Manager - Products, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

Hari Vasudevan, Vice President - Firmware and System Intelligence, Ather | LinkedIn

Rajashekhar Ankali, Deputy General Manager - Firmware, Ather | LinkedIn

Today’s two-wheelers are catching up with the technical sophistication of four-wheelers, such as ABS, ADAS, and a growing list of ride-assist features. This has been accelerated by taking a software-driven approach to electric two-wheelers.

While multiple two-wheeler companies have embarked on the journey of adopting four-wheeler standards in their ECU development; it has yet to be fruitful in delivering the necessary performance, price, and scalability. Given these challenges, Elektrobit and Ather worked together in creating an architecture enabling seamless migration of AUTOSAR for electric two-wheelers.

In this free webinar experts from Elektrobit and Ather present their findings including the challenges, solutions, and a roadmap to their successes.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the feasibility of migrating from non-AUTOSAR basic software to components of AUTOSAR in the two-wheeler industry
  • See a comparison of performance metrics between the existing non-AUTOSAR software and the migrated AUTOSAR software
  • Hear an evaluation of the organisational and resource impact of transitioning to AUTOSAR
  • Examine how AUTOSAR integration will affect the existing two-wheeler software ecosystem

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Nakul Dhanya

Manager - Products, Elektrobit

Hari Vasudevan

Vice President - Firmware and System Intelligence, Ather

Rajashekhar Ankali

Deputy General Manager - Firmware, Ather