Meet the experts

Ari Aalto

Vice President Automotive and Smart Devices Business Unit, TietoEVRY

Martin Abart

Product Manager, AVL

Howard Abbey

Autonomous Car Specialist, SBD Automotive

Sari Abwa

Global Business Segment Manager, AVL

Beatriz Acero Tello

Product Manager, AVL

Sandeep Agrawal

AssociateVice President, KPIT

Johnny Aguirre

Senior Solutions Consultant, PatSnap

Warren Ahner

CEO, Righthook Inc

Andreas Aldrian

Program Manager Integrated and Open Development Platform, AVL

Jace Allen

Director – ADAS/AD Engineering and Business Development, dSPACE

Omar Alshabibi

Lead Product Manager, ESCRYPT

Gunnar Andersson

Technical Lead, GENIVI Alliance

Aakash Arora

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Dan Arvidson

Customer Software Manager, Kvaser

Matthew Asher

Technical Service & Development Leader Polyurethane materials, Dow

Matan Atad

Director of Security Architecture, Argus

Hannes Atzler

Skill Team Leader, AVL

Chet Babla

VP Automotive Business, Arm

Nagendra Badiger

Development Engineer, AVL

Guido Bairati

VP of Sales and Marketing, VI-grade

Ganesh Balachandran

Application Engineer, AI Optimization & Testing, AVL

Pinar Balci

Spatial Data Engineer, HERE Technologies

Josko Balic

Senior Solution Manager Controls & ADAS AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

Craig Bangham

Senior Managing Consultant, Sopheon

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