Meet the experts

Ari Aalto

Vice President Automotive and Smart Devices Business Unit, TietoEVRY

Martin Abart

Product Manager, AVL

Sari Abwa

Global Business Segment Manager, AVL

Beatriz Acero Tello

Product Manager, AVL

Johnny Aguirre

Senior Solutions Consultant, PatSnap

Andreas Aldrian

Program Manager Integrated and Open Development Platform, AVL

Jace Allen

Director – ADAS/AD Engineering and Business Development, dSPACE

Omar Alshabibi

Lead Product Manager, ESCRYPT

Gunnar Andersson

Technical Lead, GENIVI Alliance

Aakash Arora

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Nagendra Badiger

Development Engineer, AVL

Guido Bairati

VP of Sales and Marketing, VI-grade

Greg Becker

Technical Service and Development Associate Scientist, Dow

Johan Begine

Sales Manager EMEA, Integrated Venting Solutions, Donaldson

Oscar Beijbom

Machine Learning Director and nuScenes Lead, Motional

Lionel Bennes

Senior Product Manager, Ansys

Dr. Gahl Berkooz

Vice President of Data, Analytics, and Monetization, ZF

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart

Senior Partner, Roland Berger

Simon Bezensek

Analysis Engineer, AVL

Michael Bires

Product Line Manager Thermal Management, AVL

Daniel Blaindorfer

System Line Manager Racing, AVL

Bruno Boury

Product Line Manager Magnetic Sensing, Melexis

Florian Bousquet

GNSS Sales Manager, Quectel

Breanna Boyden Robbins

Market Development Manager, EV/HEV, Elastomeric Material Solutions, Rogers

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