Meet the experts

Dr Mike Bassett

Head of Research, MAHLE Powertrain

Mike Bassett

Chief Engineer - Research & Advanced Engineering, MAHLE Powertrain

Aline Bauwens

Business Development Manager, Twikit

Thomas Bayerl

Segment Marketing Manager, Auto E/E & eMobility, BASF

Greg Becker

Technical Service and Development Associate Scientist, Dow

Anna Bednarczyk

Senior Manager Product Marketing, TomTom Automotive

Johan Begine

Sales Manager EMEA, Integrated Venting Solutions, Donaldson

Oscar Beijbom

Machine Learning Director and nuScenes Lead, Motional

Tobias Belitz

Principal engineer, Renesas

Andrea Bellini

Engine Experimentation Engineer, Ducati Motor Holding

Tal Ben-David

VP R&D and Co-Founder, Karamba Security

Lionel Bennes

Senior Product Manager, Ansys

Falko Berg

Skill Team Leader PEM System Development, AVL

Scott Bergeon

Technical Director, North America, VI-grade

Dr. Gahl Berkooz

Vice President of Data, Analytics, and Monetization, ZF

Dr. Wolfgang Bernhart

Senior Partner, Roland Berger

Simon Bezensek

Analysis Engineer, AVL

Emanuele Bianco

ADAS / HMI Expert Engineer, VI-grade

Robert Binder

Content Manager, AVL

Vitaly Biniyaminov

Product Manager, AVL

Michael Bires

Product Line Manager Thermal Management, AVL

Norbert Bissmeyer

V2X Cyber Security Expert and Product Owner for V2X PKI, ETAS

Daniel Blaindorfer

System Line Manager Racing, AVL

Diego Turrado Blanco

Senior Software and Functions Engineer ADAS/AD, AVL

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