Meet the experts

Rahul Changwani

Sr Supplier Analyst, HERE Technologies

Stephen Chilton

Director of Product Marketing - Electrification Solutions, Turntide

Matthieu Clauet

Team Leader - Product Management Automation Systems, AVL

DI Philipp Clement

Projectmanager ADAS/AD, AVL

George Coates

Technical Director, WorldAutoSteel

David Coffin

International Trade Analyst, U.S. International Trade Commission

Bruno Conti

Application Engineer, AVL

Andrew Coombes

Senior Product Manager – Vehicle Operating System, ETAS

Adrian Cooper

Head of New Technology & Data Management, MAHLE Powertrain

Adrian Cooper

Chief Engineer , MAHLE Powertrain

Jason Craker

Transformation Director (Automotive), ChangeMaker Associates

Jordan Craven

Senior Engineer, DSD

Joe Cusumano

North America Sales Director, Automotive Cyber Security, ESCRYPT

Cuneyt Dagdeviren

Product Manager Electrification Truck & Bus, AVL

Olaf Dahlenburg

Manager Business Development battery and e-mobility Chemetall GmbH, BASF

Joshua Dalby

Principal Engineer, Ricardo

Dominique Daniel

Senior Scientist, Constellium

Christof Danner

Senior Project Manager Driving Functions & Systems, AVL

Herbert Danzinger

Project Manager R&D AVL-DRIVE, AVL

Shantanu Das

Senior Architect, Automotive Transformation, Sasken

Frédéric Daudé

Product Manager Ac2ated Sound,​ HMI BU, Continental

Peter Davies

Senior Director Powertrain, Garrett Motion

Shawn Davis

Director of Applications Engineering for Broadcast Products, Silicon Labs

Dr. Francois de Buyl

Technical Service & Development, Dow

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