Meet the experts

Dr. Bernhard Brunnsteiner

Chief Engineer Battery Thermal & Mechanics, AVL

Thomas Bruss

Principal Engineer , Renesas

Frank Budwillat

STL Development SW Application, AVL

Mirko Bulaja

Skill Team Leader AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

Mike Bunce

Head of Research, MAHLE Powertrain

Paul Burrows

Sr. Sales Manager, Manz

Sead Butkovic

Product Management and Business Development, AVL

Marie Buy

EMEA Marketing Manager Transportation, Dow

Girish B V S

Chief Architect, Sasken

Rich Byczek

Global Technical Director, Intertek

David Byron

Director of Innovation Strategy, Sundberg-Ferar

Rob Cadle

Senior Director, Innovation and Breakthrough Growth, Garrett Motion

Brian Campbell

Director – Design and Simulation, FEV North America

Richard Cannon

Compute & Storage Group Manager EMEA, Microchip Technology

Caterina Capraro

Human Machine Interface Super Sport Cars, Lamborghini

Brian Carlson

Director, Global Product and Solutions Marketing, NXP

Joe Cassar

Engineering Group Manager, dSPACE Inc

David Catto

Head of Software, Austin Consultants

Dan Cauchy

Executive Director, Automotive Grade Linux

David Cebon

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cambridge

Jae-Yong Chang

IVN Solution Planner – Automotive and Energy Solution Group, Keysight Technologies

Rahul Changwani

Sr Supplier Analyst, HERE Technologies

Stephen Chilton

Director of Product Marketing - Electrification Solutions, Turntide

Matthieu Clauet

Team Leader - Product Management Automation Systems, AVL

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