Meet the experts

Nicolas du Lac

CEO, Intempora

Nicolas du Lac


Julian Dunn

Head of Energy Storage, Ricardo

Dominik Dörr

Team Lead, Testing & Data Management, Automated Driving & Software Solutions, dSPACE GmbH

Simon Dürr

Senior Expert Security Architecture, Elektrobit

Kurt Engeljehringer

Principal Business Development Manager, Emissions Test Systems, AVL

Armin Engstle

Head of Innovation Lighthouse ADAS/AD, AVL

Paul Etheridge

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Ricardo

Erica Everett

Mobility Marketing Manager, Dow

Dr. Jens Ewald

Senior Project Manager, FEV

Ren Fang

Project Manager, dSPACE Inc

Tim Felke

Engineering Fellow, Garrett Motion

Gabriele Ferrarotti

Marketing Director, VI-grade

Magnus Feuer

Automotive Software Architect, GENIVI

Thorsten Fischer

Team Manager System Test Management, AVL

Roni Floman

VP Marketing, Nexar

Dino Flore

Vice President Technology, Qualcomm Europe

Dr. Axel Foerderreuther

Director, Novelis Europe Customer Solution Center

Dr. Richard Ford

Chief Engineer, Protean Electric

Stefan Forstner

Department Manager Data & Process Mgmt. Solutions & Consulting, AVL

Bill Foy

Director, World-Wide Automotive Go-to-Market, Amazon Web Services

Zeenia Framroze

Head of Sales, Smartcar

Simon Fraser

Global Program Manager Fuel Cell, AVL

Lars-Göran Fredriksson

Field Application Engineer, Kvaser

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