Supply chain security management with ISO/SAE 21434 compliance

, 6pm Stuttgart | 10:30pm Mumbai | 12pm Detroit
Cyber SecurityDataElectric VehiclesSoftwareStandards and RegulationsTesting and Validation

Assaf Harel, Chief Scientist, Karamba Security | LinkedIn

Tal Ben-David, VP R&D and Co-Founder, Karamba Security | LinkedIn

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As demand to meet the ISO/SAE 21434 requirement grows, electric vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers need the tools to understand:

  • Suppliers’ security evaluation
  • CIA (cybersecurity interface agreement)
  • Best practices for using supplier evaluation templates

In this free 60-minute webinar, Assaf Harel and Tal Ben-David of Karamba Security provide unique insight into supply chain management security given R&D and software release schedules.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand ISO/SAE 21434 supply chain security requirements
  • Gain insight into common supplier-related issues found during pen testing
  • Supplier deliverables: verification and validation
  • Supplier deliverables: continual security

Meet the experts

Assaf Harel

Chief Scientist, Karamba Security

Tal Ben-David

VP R&D and Co-Founder, Karamba Security