Meet the experts

Anish Anthony

Vice President Product Management, Concurrent Real-Time

Karou Aou

R&D Fellow, Dow

AK Arafat

Principal Control Engineer, DSD

Dr. Ibrahim Armac

Head of E2E Solution OTA Updates, ETAS

Michael Armbruster

Chief Expert, Elektrobit

Aakash Arora

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group

Dan Arvidson

Customer Software Manager, Kvaser

Matthew Asher

Technical Service & Development Leader Polyurethane materials, Dow

Matan Atad

Director of Security Architecture, Argus

Danny Atsmon

CEO & Founder, Cognata

Hannes Atzler

Skill Team Leader, AVL

Shachar Azriel

VP of Data, Upstream

Yotam Azriel

CTO & Co-founder, Tensorleap

Chet Babla

VP Automotive Business, Arm

Lucian Badescu

Product Manager, Elektrobit

Nagendra Badiger

Development Engineer, AVL

Christopher Bahlman

Product & Business Manager, Diagnostics, KPIT (North America)

Guido Bairati

VP of Sales and Marketing, VI-grade

John Baker

Ansys Cloud Manager EMEA, Ansys

Ganesh Balachandran

Application Engineer, AI Optimization & Testing, AVL

Vijay Balani

Principal Architect, Middleware Technologies, KPIT

Pinar Balci

Spatial Data Engineer, HERE Technologies

Alessandro Baldari

EMEA HiL Sales Manager, VI-grade

Josko Balic

Senior Solution Manager Controls & ADAS AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

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