Meet the experts

Adrian Cooper

Head of New Technology & Data Management, MAHLE Powertrain

Cuneyt Dagdeviren

Product Manager Electrification Truck & Bus, AVL

Joshua Dalby

Principal Engineer, Ricardo

Shawn Davis

Director of Applications Engineering for Broadcast Products, Silicon Labs

Tomas Dehne

Chief Engineer Fuel Cell Testing Technology, AVL

Vipul Dhingra

Battery Development Engineer, AVL

Ivan Dimkovic

Co-Founder and VP Portfolio Management, Cinemo

Trevor Downes

Chief Engineer - Propulsion, Ricardo

Marc Drossaert

Business Development Manager, Dejond

Francesco Duchi

Development Engineer Methodology, AVL

Nicolas du Lac

CEO, Intempora

Julian Dunn

Head of Energy Storage, Ricardo

Simon Dunnett

Solution Manager - Electrification and Energy Efficiency, HORIBA MIRA

Simon Dürr

Senior Expert Security Architecture, Elektrobit

Kurt Engeljehringer

Principal Business Development Manager, Emissions Test Systems, AVL

Paul Etheridge

Head of Strategy & Business Development, Ricardo

Erica Everett

Mobility Marketing Manager, Dow

Dr. Jens Ewald

Senior Project Manager, FEV

Dino Flore

Vice President Technology, Qualcomm Europe

Zeenia Framroze

Head of Sales, Smartcar

Laura Fumfack

Product Marketing Manager, b-plus automotive

Leo Gergs

Research Analyst, ABI Research

Simon Gomboc

MSc Senior Analysis Engineer, Virtual Powertrain and Powertrain Component Development, AVL

Richard Gordon

Head of Engineering Consultants and Technical Experts, Ricardo

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