Meet the experts

Adrian Cooper

Head of New Technology & Data Management, MAHLE Powertrain

Jason Craker

Transformation Director (Automotive), ChangeMaker Associates

Cuneyt Dagdeviren

Product Manager Electrification Truck & Bus, AVL

Joshua Dalby

Principal Engineer, Ricardo

Herbert Danzinger

Project Manager R&D AVL-DRIVE, AVL

Frédéric Daudé

Product Manager Ac2ated Sound,​ HMI BU, Continental

Shawn Davis

Director of Applications Engineering for Broadcast Products, Silicon Labs

Dr. Francois de Buyl

Technical Service & Development, Dow

Tomas Dehne

Chief Engineer Fuel Cell Testing Technology, AVL

Filip De Mazière

Co-Founder and Director, MAZARO

Ravi Desai

Chief Engineer Vehicle Engineering, FEV North America

Joel Deussen

Manager, E-Drive & Electric Vehicle Engineering, FEV

Eddie Dewis

Technical Sales Engineer, HORIBA MIRA

Henrik Dhejne

Product Manager, AVL

Vipul Dhingra

Battery Development Engineer, AVL

Gergely Dian

Lead Engineer ADAS/AD, AVL

Ivan Dimkovic

Co-Founder and VP Portfolio Management, Cinemo

Christopher Dobrowolski

Project Leader E-Fluids, Shell

Rolf Doebereiner

Product Line Manager Commercial Vehicles, ADAS and AD, AVL

Martin Dorn

Team Leader, Chassis & Vehicle Dynamics, FEV Europe GmbH

Trevor Downes

Chief Engineer - Propulsion, Ricardo

Marc Drossaert

Business Development Manager, Dejond

Francesco Duchi

Development Engineer Methodology, AVL

Geoffrey Duff

Sr Director Commercial Vehicle and North America Engineering, Garrett Motion

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