Meet the experts

Dr. Dennis Kengo Oka

Principal Automotive Security Strategist, Synopsys

Oliver Knaus

Team Leader, Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

Alexander Koch

Manager Benchmarking & Cost Engineering, FEV

Klement Kralj

Application Manager, AVL

David Krasser

Product / Key Account Manager, AVL

Steffen Kuhn

Head of Consulting, Elektrobit

Kavya Kumaresan

Senior Manager, Enablement, PatSnap

Emre Kural

Department Manager, AVL

Fredrik Königsson

Skill Team Leader, AVL

Tomasz Larkowski

Principal Engineer – Propulsion Control, Ricardo

Oron Lavi

Co-Founder and Chief Architect, Argus

Morgan Le Cossec

Head Of Business Development Smart Calibration and Virtual Development, AVL

Stephan Lenhart

Senior Product Manager, AVL

Robert Levine

Director of Dispute Consulting, Stout

Ieuan Lewis

Product Leader - Battery and Energy Storage Products, Ricardo

Kuo Chin Lien

Head of Computer Vision, Appen

Manfred Lindacher

VP Sales Automotive International , Quectel

Manfred Linke

Business Development Manager, AVL

Engelbert Loibner

Team Leader Business Development & Marketing for the Integrated and Open Development Platform, AVL

Denise Maier

Global Coordinator Engineering, AVL

Laura Major

Chief Technology Officer, Motional

Ludovic Manillier

SPEOS Expert Manager, Ansys

Garima Mathur

Senior Manager of Automotive Segment Marketing, Western Digital

Sherif Matta

ADAS/AD Connectivity Manager, FEV

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