Meet the experts

Gerald Sammer

Principal Business Development Manager, AVL

Michael Sammer

Group Product Manager, AVL

Gerhard Schagerl

Product Line Manager Data Intelligence, AVL

Rainer Schantl

Product Manager, AVL

Jörg Scherer

Head of Competence Center User Experience, Elektrobit

Paul Schiffbänker

Product Manager Electrification, AVL

Dr. Joachim Schlosser

Senior Manager, Elektrobit

Juergen Schneider

Solution Manager for Virtual Battery Development, AVL

Georg Schrank

Analysis Engineer Vehicle Benchmark, AVL

Roscoe Sellers

Chief Engineer, Ricardo

Amit Shah

Head Platform Development, KPIT

Bhavik Shah

Product Champion, KPIT

Dan Sharkey

Member Attorney, Brooks Wilkins Sharkey & Turco

Jonathan Siegel

Product Manager, OpenSynergy

Hemant Sikaria

CEO, Sibros

Mayank Sikaria

CTO, Sibros

Ali Sinmaz

Application Engineer E-Motor Test Systems, AVL

Christian Speuser

Director & Global Head of Benchmarking, FEV

Dirk Spiesswinkel

Product Manager, Elektrobit

Geetha Srinivasan

Chief Architect, Powertrain, KPIT

Benoit Stalin

Global Product Manager - Battery Cell Testing, AVL

Dr. Michael Stapelbroek

Director Battery Systems, FEV

Peer Sterner

Product Manager, Elektrobit

Jochen Steuerwald

Project Manager, Elektrobit

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