Meet the experts

Jesse Sultanik

Compliance and BD Manager, Argus Cyber Security

Sophia Suo

Head, Electrified Powertrain, KPIT

Dr. Daniele Suzzki

Lead Engineer HV-Battery & EE Thermal, AVL

Tom Tasky

Director, Intelligent Mobility, FEV North America

Bill Taylor

Managing Director, kVA by UL

Dr. Niikuni Tetsuya

Co-Chair UNECE Task Force, National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory

Eyal Traitel

Head of Customer Success, Cybellum

Isaac Trefz

Product Manager COQOS SDK, OpenSynergy

Andrea Trevisan

Strategy and Business Development Lead, Ricardo

Brad Tuft

Research Scientist, Dow

Frank Uhlig

Head of User Experience and User Interface Design, Elektrobit

Kevin Valdek


Dieter van der Put

Vice President Commercial Engines, FEV

Johan Van Dyck

CEO, Exypnos

Jeroen Van Ham

Sr Business Development Manager, ICSense

Geert-Jan van Nunen

CCO, Teraki

Abhinav Vasu

Solutions Engineering Manager, GEOTAB

Vinod Venkateswaran

Industry Principal, Infosys

Wim Verboven

Business Development Manager, Absolem - Prolab

Lieven Vervecken

CEO, Diabatix

Jan Viher

CFD Analysis Engineer, AVL

Ward Vleegen

Business Group Leader, Agoria Transport & Mobility Technology Club

Benjamin Vogt

Team Leader Gasoline & Hybrid Powertrains , FEV

Stefan Wagener

Product Manager Infotainment & Software as a Product, Continental

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