Meet the experts

Christian Mentin

Scientist, Silicon Austria Labs

Christof Menzenbach

Product Manager Cockpit HPC, Continental

Klaas Mertens

Global Solutions Architect, Equinix

Jochen Messner

Product Expert EB Assist ADTF, Elektrobit

Dr. Moritz Minzlaff

Senior Manager, ESCRYPT

Jim Misener

Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies

Vishal Mishra

Software Engineer at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Elektrobit

Roi Mit

Chief Marketing Officer, Regulus Cyber

Matija Mlakar

Analysis Engineer, Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

Nick Molden

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Emissions Analytics

Dr. Martin Moser

Head of Security Consulting and Testing Munich, ESCRYPT

Mark Murray

VP Sales - GNSS & Automotive, Quectel

Lorenzo Musiani

Associate TS&D Scientist EMEAI, Dow

Kenan Mustafa

Project technical leader – R&D Group, Ricardo

John Myer

Fellow, Transportation Solutions, Automotive, TE Connectivity

Dr. Doron Myersdorf

CEO and Co-founder, StoreDot

Jochen Möller

Leading Expert User Experience & Interaction Design, Continental

Anton Nahtigal

Senior Analysis Engineer, Advanced Simulation Technologies, AVL

Daniel Naujack

Product Manager Interior Camera & Cabin Sensing, Continental

Dr. Lydia Nemec

Lead Data Scientist, Zeiss

Bernd Niedermeier

Head of Automotive Business Development, Tuxera

Volker Null

Global Technology Manager Thermal Fluids, Shell

Bruno Nunes-Silva

Engineering Department Manager - Mixing, Continental

Sebastian Ohl

Senior Product Manager, Elektrobit

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