The current state and future direction of battery validation

,  11am Stuttgart | 2.30pm Mumbai
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Aidan Turnbull, Solution Leader - xEV Component Test, HORIBA MIRA

Eddie Dewis, Technical Sales Engineer, HORIBA MIRA | LinkedIn

With the rapidly changing market influences surrounding the electrification arena, responding to the changes in the way that batteries are developed and validated will be bring new challenges to the market.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, HORIBA MIRA’s Aidan Turnbull and Eddie Dewis explain how these disruptive influences are shaping how we will validate battery systems in the future.

He also outlines how flexibility in the approach and utilization of virtual and component-in-the-loop can accelerate validation programmes while reducing costs and risk levels.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The primary disrupters affecting battery validation
  • The changing landscape of battery validation in terms of speed and content
  • The different approaches taken by new-entrants versus established companies
  • How validation at the earliest point possible in the development cycle magnifies the chance of success

Meet the experts

Aidan Turnbull

Solution Leader - xEV Component Test, HORIBA MIRA

Eddie Dewis

Technical Sales Engineer, HORIBA MIRA