Meet the experts

Jeroen Van Ham

Sr Business Development Manager, ICSense

Bram Vanneste

New Product and Technologies Manager, Piher Sensing Systems

Geert-Jan van Nunen

CCO, Teraki

Abhinav Vasu

Solutions Engineering Manager, GEOTAB

Vinod Venkateswaran

Industry Principal, Infosys

Wim Verboven

Business Development Manager, Absolem - Prolab

Lieven Vervecken

CEO, Diabatix

Jan Viher

CFD Analysis Engineer, AVL

Ward Vleegen

Business Group Leader, Agoria Transport & Mobility Technology Club

Benjamin Vogt

Team Leader Gasoline & Hybrid Powertrains , FEV

Stefan Wagener

Product Manager Infotainment & Software as a Product, Continental

Carsten Weich

Product Management ADAS ECU, AVL

Phil Weicker

Co-Founder, Canoo

Thorsten Weißert

Product Manager, EB Assist ADTF, Elektrobit

Steve Whelan

Global Applications Centre Lead, Emissions, HORIBA MIRA

Eric Whitley

Senior Account Director, L2L

Martin Wieser

Skill Team Leader in Development of Commercial Vehicles, AVL

Philipp Wieser

Solution Expert System Simulation, AVL

Christian Wilks

Project Engineer Gasoline & Hybrid Powertrains , FEV

Simon Williams

RDE Operations Leader, MAHLE Powertrain

Christopher Windiate

Senior TS&D Specialist, Dow

Marcus Winter

Senior Software Engineer, Industry Applications, Unity

Maria Wurm

Product Manager, b-plus automotive

Siddhartha Yedida

Senior Connectivity Engineer, FEV

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