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, 10am Stuttgart | 1:30pm Mumbai | 4am Detroit

Nick Elsner, Manager Energy Solutions, IAV | LinkedIn

Felix Nolteernsting, Scientific Engineer, IAV | LinkedIn

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The perfect solution for grid expansion. Grid operators, watch out!

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Nick Elsner and Felix Nolteernsting discuss IAV Optera, an innovative software solution which enables you to plan power grids in fully automated fashion in a split second, and still tailor to your specific needs such as electric vehicles. For example, just swap arduous planning processes for an unbeatable one-click routine – and cost-optimized, reliable expansion plans will be at your fingertips!

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into the world’s first automated grid planning software
  • Learn how to enhance grid-planning in virtually no time
  • Discover how to combine human expertise with computer power to boost efficiency
  • Find out how to reduce grid expansion costs by a substantial margin
  • Learn how to build the power grid of tomorrow with the software of today
  • Discover how IAV Optera supports your grid-planning with regard to German law EnWG § 14d

Meet the experts

Nick Elsner

Manager Energy Solutions, IAV

Felix Nolteernsting

Scientific Engineer, IAV