Electric vehicle battery health and lifetime prediction for first and second life applications

Juergen Schneider, Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL | LinkedIn

Vipul Dhingra, Battery Development Engineer, AVL | LinkedIn

In addition to being a key component and the most expensive part of an electric vehicle, the battery has a limited lifetime.

In this free webinar, Vipul Dhingra and Jürgen Schneider from AVL discuss how simulation tools, methods, test solutions and advanced data-driven methods support their customers and partners in the series development of the component and throughout the life of a battery.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the origin and drivers of battery ageing
  • Simulate battery ageing with AVL Simulation Suite – from concept phase over the in-use operation to second life
  • Monitor, calculate and predict battery life in electric fleets and second life applications
  • Thermal management, operation and charging strategy optimization to maximize battery life

Meet the experts

Juergen Schneider

Solution Manager Virtual Battery Development, AVL

Vipul Dhingra

Battery Development Engineer, AVL