Electric air compressor development to meet future PEM fuel cell needs

Rob Cadle, Senior Director, Innovation and Breakthrough Growth, Garrett Motion | LinkedIn

In this free turnwebinar, Garrett’s Rob Cadle discusses the major design requirements of air compressors for PEM fuel cells and the key technologies and approaches Garrett is developing to meet these requirements.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Electric air compressor performance is critical to the proper functioning of a PEM fuel cell system
  • Garrett leverages strong synergies in aerodynamics and bearing design from our turbocharger business to address core performance and durability challenges in fuel cell compressors
  • Motor and inverter design expertise Garrett has developed for electric boosting programs is directly applicable to fuel cell air compressors
  • Garrett has adopted a modular and platform-based design approach to cover a wide range of applications with high product design synergies
  • Garrett is implementing a robust cost-down roadmap to help make PEM fuel cell more cost-effective as volumes increase

Meet the experts

Rob Cadle

Senior Director, Innovation and Breakthrough Growth, Garrett Motion