How silicone solutions in EV battery assembly can improve thermal management and fire protection

Erica Everett, Mobility Marketing Manager, Dow | LinkedIn

Greg Becker, Technical Service and Development Associate Scientist, Dow | LinkedIn

Widescale electric vehicle (EV) adoption will depend on the automotive industry’s ability to meet ever-increasing expectations for reliability, processing, cost, performance, and value. To achieve this, battery makers will have to design smaller, lighter, and cheaper high-density lithium battery packs which can be produced in large volumes and deliver more power over longer timeframes through better thermal control.

In this free, 40-minute webinar, Erica Everett, Mobility Marketing Manager at Dow discusses emerging market trends. Greg Becker, Technical Service & Development Scientist reviews Dow solutions and explains the benefits of using silicone materials for battery cell encapsulation to mitigate thermal runaway.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Mobility market trends
  • Battery fire protection with lightweight silicone foams
  • Introduction to Dow’s thermally conductive material portfolio
  • Battery thermal management with silicone gap fillers