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Ulrich Wenckebach, Software Architect, Panasonic

In this free webinar, Panasonic’s Ulrich Wenckebach explains how software developers can use the hardware-agnostic Radio Tuner SDK to overcome their most significant challenges whilst integrating automotive broadcast radio receiver systems.

Specifically, the expert also discusses how Radio Tuner SDK can abstract automotive broadcasting radio receiver modules and offer increased flexibility using USB as an additional hardware abstraction layer for rapid prototyping.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Radio Tuner SDK is an off-the-shelf mass production software solution designed for easy integration with several broadcast radio modules
  • Radio Tuner SDK is available on Android Automotive OS, Linux, and QNX, and now has a standard USB interface for rapid prototyping
  • Radio Tuner SDK is hardware-agnostic and supports a wide range of chipsets and SDR solutions, removing development risks and offering continuous maintenance of automotive-grade broadcast radio products

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Ulrich Wenckebach

Software Architect, Panasonic