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Arnon Shafir, VP Business Development, Upstream | LinkedIn

Omar Zoma, Sr. Security Solutions Architect, AWS | LinkedIn

Shachar Azriel, VP of Data, Upstream | LinkedIn

APIs are powerful innovation enablers, supporting the digital transformation in fleets, smart mobility, and manufacturing. However, the proliferation of both internal and external APIs has lowered the barrier of entry for malicious actors, making them a prime target for cybersecurity attacks. WAF and OWASP Top 10 are no longer enough.

In this free webinar, experts from AWS and Upstream explain why API discovery, monitoring, and detection must be at the core of a cybersecurity strategy. They also discuss how protecting business operations requires a contextual approach to API-based cyber anomaly detection that correlates API traffic with vehicle data.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • API threat landscape: recent attacks and lessons learned
  • The monetary impact of attacks on fleets, manufacturing, and transportation
  • Why correlating API traffic with vehicle data is crucial for API security
  • How Upstream and AWS help fleet operators, connected vehicles & SDV makers to fast-track their OT and IoT cybersecurity journey

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Arnon Shafir

VP Business Development, Upstream

Omar Zoma

Sr. Security Solutions Architect, AWS

Shachar Azriel

VP of Data, Upstream