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Paul Venezia, Chief Architect, DTS AutoStage, Xperi | LinkedIn

The term “hybrid radio” has been in use for several years now, but not all technologies that claim to be “hybrid radio” are truly capable of real-world adoption in most markets.

In this free webinar, Xperi’s Paul Venezia explores the challenges of addressing hybrid radio on a global scale, outlines the solutions that deliver OEM-grade solutions, and previews what’s next in automotive entertainment.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand why combining traditional broadcast radio and IP-delivered metadata and content is challenging in every market, and even more so on a global scale
  • Learn why using suitable methods and technologies is key to providing reliable, featureful, and functional hybrid radio
  • Discover why optimizing for cost, performance and features is a core design pillar
  • Learn how the implementation of a complete hybrid radio solution such as DTS AutoStage will shape the future of automotive entertainment beyond radio

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Meet the experts

Paul Venezia

Chief Architect, DTS AutoStage, Xperi