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Mark Allen, Senior TS&D Scientist, Dow | LinkedIn

Lorenzo Musiani, Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow | LinkedIn

Kelly Kiszka, Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow

Ricardo Homma, Senior Marketing Manager, Dow | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, experts from Dow MobilityScience™ explain how polyurethane and polyolefin materials are evolving to enable OEMs and suppliers to design innovative, higher-performance, and quality interior systems with enhanced sustainability.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Gain insight into innovative materials for interiors that offer enhanced haptics and styling, low emissions, durability, and sustainable content
  • Find out how soft translucent TPOs allow innovative part designs with multifunctional performance
  • Discover how to use innovative materials to reduce the weight of components while achieving outstanding performance

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Meet the experts

Mark Allen

Senior TS&D Scientist, Dow

Lorenzo Musiani

Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow

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Kelly Kiszka

Associate TS&D Scientist, Dow

Ricardo Homma

Senior Marketing Manager, Dow