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Mike Bennett, Product Manager, JATO Dynamics | LinkedIn

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Mike Bennett of JATO Dynamics explores the latest EU5 automotive finance trends, including the average value of customers’ monthly instalments.

The expert will also present an overview of the European finance marketplace in 2023 with analysis of JATO Monthly Payments data as well as the latest consumer research. All of those actionable insights will enrich your finance plans for 2024.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Key finance data and trends to enhance your 2024 automotive finance plan
  • Explore potential challenges and opportunities in the automotive finance landscape for the year ahead
  • Gain insight into current consumer trends and viewpoints with a focus on automotive finance
  • Discover how to position your offerings for success in the 2024 automotive finance market

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Mike Bennett

Product Manager, JATO Dynamics