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Dieter van der Put, Vice President Commercial Engines, FEV | LinkedIn

With heavy-duty transportation accounting for a significant portion of CO2 emissions, regulators have set strict emission reduction targets for the next decade.

In this free webinar, Dieter van der Put, VP commercial powertrains at FEV Group outlines the legislative CO2 framework to 2030, the various technology pathways to achieve new targets, and the benefits of a 48V modular, low-cost, easy to integrate mild hybrid architecture.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • EU CO2 targets for 2025 and 2030, including significant penalties for non-conformity
  • Role of vehicle and powertrain efficiency increases, especially for long-haul applications, and the importance of vehicle usage, including predictive controls, hybridisation and renewable fuels
  • Role of alternative fuels in CO2 reduction
  • Limits of pure battery electric vehicle (BEV) technology in long-haul applications
  • Opportunities for modular 48V mild hybrid systems

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Dieter van der Put

Vice President Commercial Engines, FEV