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Erica Everett, Mobility Marketing Manager, Dow | LinkedIn

Greg Becker, Technical Service and Development Associate Scientist, Dow | LinkedIn

Widescale electric vehicle (EV) adoption will depend on the automotive industry’s ability to meet ever-increasing expectations for reliability, processing, cost, performance, and value. To achieve this, battery makers will have to design smaller, lighter, and cheaper high-density lithium battery packs which can be produced in large volumes and deliver more power over longer timeframes through better thermal control.

In this free webinar, Erica Everett, Mobility Marketing Manager at Dow discusses emerging market trends. Greg Becker, Technical Service & Development Scientist reviews Dow solutions and explains the benefits of using silicone materials for battery cell encapsulation to mitigate thermal runaway.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Mobility market trends
  • Battery fire protection with lightweight silicone foams
  • Introduction to Dow’s thermally conductive material portfolio
  • Battery thermal management with silicone gap fillers

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Erica Everett

Mobility Marketing Manager, Dow

Greg Becker

Technical Service and Development Associate Scientist, Dow