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Mark Pfeiffer, CTO / Co-Founder, SiaSearch

The meticulous data selection for data-driven technologies generates significant engineering inefficiencies. Sensor data lacks meta-information about content and context and is therefore hard to search.

In this free webinar, Mark Pfeiffer, CTO and Co-Founder of SiaSearch, discusses how data recordings can be made easily accessible through content-based search, and how this helps engineers to accelerate development and improve underlying datasets.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Providing fast and scalable data access is crucial for efficient ADAS and autonomous vehicle development
  • For data-driven technologies, smart data can make the difference
  • Identifying data which contributes the most to model performance and data which creates biases in the models is crucial for improving performance
  • Manual work can deal with research settings but does not scale to the ever-increasing amount of data
  • SiaSearch helps you to make the most out of your data and improves the quality of your datasets

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