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Philip Hubertus, Senior Manager, Product Management - Automated Driving Content , HERE Technologies | LinkedIn

Dirk Spiesswinkel, Product Manager , Elektrobit | LinkedIn

As we move forward into the era of connected and autonomous vehicles, automakers are embracing driver-assist technologies that make driving more straightforward, enjoyable, and vastly safer.

One of the key representative functions is Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA). This in-vehicle system prompts drivers to acknowledge and comply with legal speed limits, irrespective of the availability of physical signs or other variables such as location, time, or weather conditions.

ISA will become a mandatory requirement in all new M and N category vehicle types from July 2022, helping drivers maintain compliance with legal speed limits while reducing both the frequency and severity of accidents. And while some OEMs have already incorporated ISA into existing models, some significant technical and environmental challenges are involved in making ISA an industry-standard feature across all new vehicles.

In this free webinar, Philip Hubertus of HERE Technologies and Elektrobit‘s Dirk Spiesswinkel explain how to solve ISA customer pain points, and outline the benefits of using map data and the electronic horizon platform for ISA.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • ISA history, regulations, and future implications
  • Why is fresh map data important?
  • How do you bring the map data into the system over the long lifecycle?
  • How does the electronic horizon platform help with ISA?
  • End-to-end solution

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Philip Hubertus

Senior Manager, Product Management - Automated Driving Content , HERE Technologies

Dirk Spiesswinkel

Product Manager , Elektrobit