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Chris Pether, Industrial CTS Group Leader, Afton Chemical | LinkedIn

Hayley Hammond, Industrial CTS Specialist, Afton Chemical | LinkedIn

Afton Chemical’s patented process for manufacturing grease soap thickener using a 300TBN calcium sulphonate offers several benefits in production time and cost savings.

In this free webinar, Chris Pether and Hayley Hammond of Afton Chemical discuss the role of isopropyl alcohol as a promoter due to its low flash point (~13°C).

The experts also present the results of a recent study in which several alternative promoters were identified and screened, their HSES status considered, and the best candidate implemented and optimized for full-scale batch production and performance evaluation.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how alternative grease thickener systems can offset instability in lithium pricing
  • Gain insight into Afton’s high-performance calcium sulphonate complex grease thickener process, proven in bench tests and an extended field trial in heavy-duty truck wheel bearings
  • Find out how Afton has optimized the grease process to allow the use of a solvent promoter with improved safety characteristics, providing more grease manufacturers with access to this solution

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Chris Pether

Industrial CTS Group Leader, Afton Chemical

Hayley Hammond

Industrial CTS Specialist, Afton Chemical