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Assaf Harel, Chief Scientist, Karamba Security | LinkedIn

Bill Mazzara, Cybersecurity Engineer, Stellantis | LinkedIn

Rohan Singla, Director, Cybersecurity & Privacy, ChargePoint | LinkedIn

As demand to meet the ISO/SAE 21434 requirement grows, electric vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers must adapt and reshape the EV ecosystem.

In this free webinar, Assaf Harel of Karamba Security, Bill Mazzara of Stellantis and Rohan Singla of ChargePoint provide unique insight into ISO/SAE 21434 compliance in the electric vehicle industry.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Cybersecurity requirements for electric vehicles and charging stations
  • The purpose of ISO/SAE 21434 in the EV industry
  • Cybersecurity issues in EV vehicle types, battery management systems and onboard charging units

Webinar video

Meet the experts

Assaf Harel

Chief Scientist, Karamba Security

Bill Mazzara

Cybersecurity Engineer, Stellantis

Rohan Singla

Director, Cybersecurity & Privacy, ChargePoint