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Chris Heiser, CEO & Co Founder, Renovo | LinkedIn

Arjun Penemetsa, Product Manager, Renovo | LinkedIn

Tony Posawatz, President & CEO, Invictus iCAR | LinkedIn

Chris McNamara, VP of Marketing, Renovo | LinkedIn

A Tesla vehicle receives an update every 16 days. Unlike other brands, its vehicles improve over time. Why? Because Tesla learns from its fleet through data-gathering.

In this free webinar, Renovo shares details of how its own platform is allowing OEMs to compete with Tesla, learn rapidly from their production vehicles, and develop software that their customers love.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • A closer look at how Tesla builds software
  • Why ‘the connected car’ and ‘collecting more data’ is not the answer
  • The questions you need to ask your internal teams to find development blind spots
  • A rare discussion on the benefits of data-driven software development in the auto industry with Chris Heiser (Renovo CEO) and Tony Posawatz (Ex-General Motors Exec, “Father of the Chevy Volt” and Ex-Fisker CEO)

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Chris Heiser

CEO & Co Founder, Renovo

Arjun Penemetsa

Product Manager, Renovo

Tony Posawatz

President & CEO, Invictus iCAR

Chris McNamara

VP of Marketing, Renovo