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James Carter, Principal Consultant, Vision Mobility | LinkedIn

Dave Fish, Ph.D, CEO, CuriosityCX | LinkedIn

Alain Lonay, Project Director Design, Renault | LinkedIn

Roger Ordman, EVP Marketing & Biz Dev, Aurora Labs | LinkedIn

In this free webinar, experts from Renault, Aurora Labs, CuriosityCX, and Vision Mobility examine what consumers expect from the software-defined vehicle (SDV) and explain industry thought patterns behind future vehicle ownership.

Get access to the “Navigating Consumer Perspectives in the World of Software-Defined Vehicles” industry report, which is based on conversations Vision Mobility’s James Carter had with his 75,000 LinkedIn followers.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Understand the significance of shifting to software-defined vehicles in the eyes of consumers
  • Discover consumer aspects of software in the car (i.e. open vs closed software, free vs paid updates, emotional attachment, touch screens vs buttons, and much more)
  • Gain insight into the impact of software on vehicle ownership

Webinar video

Meet the experts

James Carter

Principal Consultant, Vision Mobility

Dave Fish

Ph.D, CEO, CuriosityCX

Alain Lonay

Project Director Design, Renault

Roger Ordman

EVP Marketing & Biz Dev, Aurora Labs