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Radhesh Bhat, Practice Director Autonomous Driving, KPIT

Cameras in ADAS and automated driving (AD) systems are becoming increasingly vital for vehicle perception. Although the entire vision system is attributed to optics, sensors, image signal processors, and AI algorithms, the influence of these components on the final image and video quality on overall perception performance is critical.

Powerful hardware-based image signal processors (ISPs) are highly complex, especially in ADAS/AD applications, where the demand for final image quality is challenging due to various use cases. Therefore, tuning an ISP is complex and requires relevant expertise and sophisticated tools, especially in the embedded system environment.

In this free webinar, KPIT’s Radhesh Bhat explains the process and challenges of tuning the automotive ISP and how having a sophisticated ISP tuning tool environment helps achieve the desired image quality.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn about the automotive vision pipeline and components
  • Understand image signal processors and their impact on image quality and perception algorithms
  • Understand ISP tuning and image quality challenges and ways to overcome them

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Radhesh Bhat

Practice Director Autonomous Driving, KPIT