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Dr. Martin Pfeifle, Chief Technology Officer, NNG | LinkedIn

Jácint Tordai, Lead Product Manager, NNG | LinkedIn

Live content and rich user experience are vital enablers of future mobility – from easing range anxiety in EVs to providing contextual navigation for advanced driver assistance systems.

In this free webinar, experts from NNG, INRIX, and what3words present NNG iGO.Live, a navigation platform for on- and off-line mobility use cases.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how to future-proof vehicle lines with an EV-first platform designed to scale and grow over the lifetime of the fleet
  • Find out how to deliver the latest map data to the vehicle, in real-time, with data streaming and seamless hybrid switching for on- and off-line use cases
  • Learn how to ease integration challenges with an end-to-end Android-based application featuring lightweight APIs for easy customization
  • Find out how to offer customers best-in-class pre-integrated content and services with access to a truly independent global partner network
  • Learn how to bring drivers back into the in-vehicle ecosystem with functionality and user experiences unachievable on a smartphone

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Dr. Martin Pfeifle

Chief Technology Officer, NNG

Jácint Tordai

Lead Product Manager, NNG