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Santhana Raj, Solution Architect Autonomous Driving Practice, KPIT

Radars used for autonomous driving development are changing rapidly. Advances in hardware technology have enabled complex concepts like imaging radar and digital phase modulated continuous wave (PMCW). Software development must change to complement this hardware technology evolution and leverage these new advances to provide a more dependable automotive radar solution.

In this free webinar, KPIT’s Santhana Raj discusses critical software approaches, architectures, and solutions for the new age of radars.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn about the pitfalls of sparse antenna arrangement and the complex DOA algorithms that can overcome them to achieve high resolution in both Azimuth and Elevation
  • Understand the approaches to interference detection and avoidance for a reliable object list with the growing usage of high-powered radar sensors
  • Discover the different centralized architectures that enable new approaches like SAR, fusion, 360 deg surround view and self-localization

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Santhana Raj

Solution Architect Autonomous Driving Practice, KPIT