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Mario Greco, Director, Strategy & Marketing, Global Automotive, Novelis | LinkedIn

Vehicle lightweighting has become a top priority for the automotive industry, and aluminum is the material of choice for many applications.

In this free webinar, Mario Greco of Novelis discusses the ultra-high-strength 7xxx series alloy, which offers a weight reduction potential of up to 40% over existing hot-formed steel solutions.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how ultra-high-strength aluminum is helping engineers design safer, lighter, and better-performing vehicles
  • Learn how aluminum is used in safety-critical structural applications in passenger vehicles requiring high in-service strengths, such as A and B pillar reinforcements and side-impact door beams
  • Gain insight into the positive impact of aluminum on driving range in electric vehicles and payload potential in commercial vehicles
  • Learn about the super-efficient aluminum manufacturing process, which helps stakeholders maximize product value while minimizing environmental impact

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Mario Greco

Director, Strategy & Marketing, Global Automotive, Novelis