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Ian Podkamien, VP and Head of Automotive, Vayyar | LinkedIn

Protecting motorcyclists with ADAS-level safety sensing has always been a daunting challenge. Longer stopping distances, sharp tilt angles, limited real estate and risks caused by alerts/intervention have held back vital innovation for the most vulnerable road users.

In this free webinar, Vayyar’s Ian Podkamien examines the role 4D imaging radar can play in addressing these motorcycle safety challenges.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • How two affordable 4D imaging radar chips provide 360-degree coverage of a motorbike’s surroundings, supporting split-second decision-making that saves rider lives
  • How the platform covers 140m+ (SRR, MRR and LRR simultaneously), detecting multiple static and dynamic targets from an extensive distance
  • How the platform provides complete coverage of adjacent lanes with a single chip and handles the highest tilt angles
  • How an extensive antenna array and on-chip data processing are integrated into a highly compact sensor design, accommodating challenging design constraints
  • How OEMs and Tier 1s can leverage the platform’s uniquely high-resolution data to create numerous lifesaving ARAS applications

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Ian Podkamien

VP and Head of Automotive, Vayyar