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Laura Major, Chief Technology Officer, Motional | LinkedIn

Oscar Beijbom, Machine Learning Director and nuScenes Lead, Motional | LinkedIn

Motional is making self-driving vehicles a safe, reliable, and accessible reality. The autonomous driving joint venture between Hyundai Motor Group and Aptiv has expanded its groundbreaking nuScenes datasets to enable a safer, smarter autonomous driving industry. This update ushers in a new era of data sharing in the industry, which is essential to making driverless vehicles a safe and reliable reality.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Safety transcends competition, and that’s why organizations must share data in order to make driverless reliable vehicles a reality
  • First released in 2019, nuScenes pioneered a groundbreaking culture of data-sharing to create a safer, better-informed industry with 10+ data sets now available
  • nuScenes teaches autonomous vehicles how to safely engage with their ever-changing road environments. It’s available, free of charge, to academic and research communities, where it’s used to inform and advance machine learning models to build the safest possible self-driving vehicles

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Meet the experts

Laura Major

Chief Technology Officer, Motional

Oscar Beijbom

Machine Learning Director and nuScenes Lead, Motional