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Chris Handley, Vice President, Dynamic & Spatial Content, HERE Technologies | LinkedIn

Over the past few years, significant strides have been made to reduce range anxiety through improved energy efficiency. However, charge anxiety remains an inhibitor to electric vehicle (EV) adoption potential. Even with the rapid deployment of public charging networks, they still lag the pace of EV sales and drivers continue to face challenges when it comes to finding a charger that meets their needs and is available when they need it.

In this free webinar, Chris Handley of HERE Technologies explores the challenges of EV adoption and the solutions that HERE Technologies has developed to address them.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn about the complexity of charge anxiety and how it is impacting EV adoption
  • Find out how HERE is leveraging machine-learning capabilities to help address the limited supply of charging infrastructure
  • Understand how data sets from basic routing and range predictions are being combined with advanced multi-factor data to develop predictive capabilities
  • Gain insight into the next wave of EV challenges ahead and the solutions being developed to address them

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Chris Handley

Vice President, Dynamic & Spatial Content, HERE Technologies