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Ivan Dimkovic, Co-Founder, VP Product Portfolio Management, Cinemo | LinkedIn

From winning gaming tournaments in the back seat, sharing music and podcasts across screens, to watching the latest movies-on-demand, it is now possible to take home entertainment into the modern connected car.

In this free webinar, Cinemo‘s Ivan Dimkovic demonstrates the technology that enables a multi-seat IVI experience that rivals the latest home media centres.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The connected car as a premium content consumption device: understand the evolution of the market from both technology and content perspectives
  • Discover how to overcome critical challenges, such as digital rights management, quality of service, audio-visual performance, and latency
  • Understand the importance of multi-seat entertainment in the connected car of tomorrow
  • Learn how to embrace innovation, preserve familiarity, and ensure a consistent user experience in the rapidly evolving automotive infotainment platform space

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Ivan Dimkovic

Co-Founder, VP Product Portfolio Management, Cinemo