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Shantanu Das, Senior Architect, Automotive Transformation, Sasken | LinkedIn

With the proliferation of data in today’s increasingly connected and electrified vehicles, data monetization has become a critical theme for automotive OEMs.

As a result, OEMs are taking steps towards fully utilizing vehicle-generated data assets across numerous use cases, ranging from predictive vehicle maintenance and usage-based insurance to personalized concierge and fleet management.

In this free webinar, Sasken’s Shantanu Das explains how OEMs can expedite their data monetization journey.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Simplifying data management for OEMs
  • Data formatting and standardization for the OEM and third-party ecosystem
  • Policy-based data filtering
  • API creation and management on different vehicle services, vehicle diagnostics, usage, and analytics

Webinar video

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Shantanu Das

Senior Architect, Automotive Transformation, Sasken