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Erich Meier, CTO, Method Park | LinkedIn

David Rush, NA Lead Software Defined Car , Accenture | LinkedIn

Transforming engineering organizations for the digital world is not easy. Building digital products requires new skillsets from product engineers. Toolchains must be integrated to leverage the benefits of model-based engineering. New competitors need modern development approaches to be rolled out across the organization while seamlessly collaborating with customers and suppliers.

In this free webinar, Method Park’s Erich Meier and David Rush of Accenture explain why engineering organizations must transform into a 100% digital environment. The experts also describe how to design a digital organization, adopt best in class development practices, and roll out new processes with a model-based approach.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Creating fully digital products calls for new engineering skills, tools, and processes
  • New product architectures require new organizational structures (“Conway’s Law”)
  • Model-based engineering is mandatory for mastering the complexity of distributed digital systems
  • Model-based processes are a critical factor in forming the digital organization and introducing modern methods like Agile, DevSecOps, or product line approaches at a large scale

Webinar video

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Meet the experts

Erich Meier

CTO, Method Park

David Rush

NA Lead Software Defined Car , Accenture