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Riccardo Calabro, Director, Product Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies | LinkedIn

The automotive industry is undergoing digital transformation where 5G will be the connectivity fabric for the future of automotive and the emergence of a supporting smart transportation system.

Enhancements in telematics and C-V2X technologies will be central to future vehicle communications and how they interact with each other and everything around them.

In this free webinar, Qualcomm’s Riccardo Calabro explains how this digital transformation will span the redesign of in-vehicle experiences with leading intelligent and infotainment capabilities to support for richer cloud services, content and applications, as well as traffic efficiency and road safety.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • 5G and how low latency is a prerequisite for autonomous vehicle development
  • The role of telematics, AI, and C-V2X services in the transformation of the automotive and transportation industries
  • How Qualcomm is applying AI to numerous technologies to enable many use cases that expand from infotainment and driver monitoring to ADAS functionality
  • The role of AI for in-vehicle experiences in the transition to autonomy, especially Levels 3 and 4
  • The impact on traffic, congestion, pollution and safety

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Riccardo Calabro

Director, Product Marketing, Qualcomm Technologies