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Dan Barahona, Head of Growth at APIsec & Founder, APIsec University | LinkedIn

Yaniv Maimon, VP Cyber Services, Upstream | LinkedIn

Attacks targeting APIs are among the most serious threats facing connected vehicles and fleets. API-based attacks often result in large-scale business disruptions, data leakage, and heavy monetary losses.

In this webinar, APIsec and Upstream Security experts provide insight into the latest high-profile API cyber attacks in the mobility ecosystem. For the first time, the experts present a live demo of hacker attacks and discuss the fundamentals of turbocharging your API security strategy.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The car hacking evolution: from Jeep Cherokee to Sam Curry
  • API soft spots: automaker companion apps, fleet management systems, and EV charging stations
  • Effectively managing OWASP API top ten security risks and beyond
  • Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity with targeted threat intelligence
  • Best practice methodologies for API testing, detection, and fast response

Webinar video

Webinar slides

Meet the experts

Dan Barahona

Head of Growth at APIsec & Founder, APIsec University

Yaniv Maimon

VP Cyber Services, Upstream