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Mikhail Golubev, Senior Software Engineer, OpenSynergy

Matti Möll, Technical Team Lead Device Virtualization, OpenSynergy

Tero Salminen, Senior Director Product, Virtualization, OpenSynergy

Anton Yakovlev, Senior Software Engineer, OpenSynergy

Virtual I/O device, or VIRTIO, will play a central role in the architecture of automotive devices, such as domain controllers and cockpit controllers, to support an eco-system of compatible software solutions. Because of its numerous capabilities, OpenSynergy is advocating the adoption of VIRTIO in the automotive domain.

In this free webinar, OpenSynergy experts outline how device makers can separate automotive hardware from software to optimise their offerings and reduce delivery time and cost.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • VIRTIO is an open standard for device virtualization
  • OpenSynergy sees a perfect fit in VIRTIO to manage the increasing amount of data-driven workloads in vehicles
  • VIRTIO moves guest OSs among different hypervisors
  • Open standards enable VIRTIO to break free from vendor lock-in
  • Users enjoy a greater ability to re-use software platforms with VIRTIO

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