Creating the vehicle cockpit of the future with open source projects

,  11am Detroit | 5pm Stuttgart
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Isaac Trefz, Product Manager, COQOS SDK, OpenSynergy | LinkedIn

Thomas Bruss, Principal Engineer, Renesas | LinkedIn

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The Virtual I/O Device (VIRTIO™) standard and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) platform are open source projects that accelerate new feature and technology development for automotive cockpit solutions.

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Thomas Bruss of Renesas and OpenSynergy’s Isaac Trefz provide unique insight into how open source projects are creating a more independent and flexible automotive industry.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Discover how Open Standards can save future mobility stakeholders time and cost
  • Learn how the AGL platform can accelerate the development of new features and technologies
  • Understand the impact of the VIRTIO standard on hardware and software choice
  • Find out about the Renesas OSS strategy, which simplifies VIRTIO integration
  • Gain insight into OpenSynergy’s VIRTIO-based Hypervisor, which runs AGL on a joint reference platform with Renesas

Meet the experts

Isaac Trefz

Product Manager, COQOS SDK, OpenSynergy

Thomas Bruss

Principal Engineer, Renesas