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, 3pm Stuttgart | 7:30pm Mumbai | 9am Detroit

Ryan Goff, Automotive Technology Director, Elektrobit | LinkedIn

Can’t attend live? Register anyway, and we’ll send you a link to the slides and a video of the webinar when it’s finished.

EB corbos Linux is a package-based Linux distribution built on top of Ubuntu, with a new tooling update featuring improved usability, setup and use of the SDK.

In this free webinar, Elektrobit’s Ryan Goff will walk you through the first steps of working with EB corbos Linux in the containerized build environment and Microsoft Visual Studio Code. Ryan will guide you through using some of the tools and documentation necessary to get started.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Review the free edition of EB corbos Linux and the SDK
  • Learn the basics of getting set up with EB corbos Linux SDK: installing the prerequisites and setting up the working environment
  • Use the SDK: How to build and run your own image of EB corbos Linux
  • Discover how to keep your EBcL SDK up to date

Meet the experts

Ryan Goff

Automotive Technology Director, Elektrobit