How high-performance computers shape the user experience in the cockpit of the future

Christof Menzenbach, Product Manager Cockpit HPC, Continental | LinkedIn

Stefan Wagener, Product Manager Infotainment & Software as a Product, Continental | LinkedIn

Jochen Möller, Leading Expert User Experience & Interaction Design, Continental | LinkedIn

What will create the Wow effect in the car of the future?

In this free webinar, Continental‘s Christof Menzenbach, Stefan Wagener, and Jochen Möller discuss how high-performance computers (HPCs) are enabling a superior user experience (UX) for the vehicle of the future.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • The rapidly growing array of technologies, applications and functions in vehicles requires a new, less complicated E/E-architecture that utilizes HPCs
  • Superior UX, software and technology integration will be the critical success factors for the car of the future
  • The cockpit HPC manages the entire human-machine interaction centrally, creating a symbiosis of cockpit functionalities that lifts the UX to an all-new level