Improving EV battery performance with customized lithium-ion battery binders

David Zhu, Global Battery Business Manager, Trinseo

Christian Page, R&D Director, Trinseo | LinkedIn

Julian Kalhoff, Battery Business Development Manager, Trinseo | LinkedIn

In this free, 60-minute webinar, Trinseo‘s experts discuss how customized lithium-ion battery binders can impact the anode coating properties, cell manufacturing processes, and battery performance.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Overview of binder technology for lithium-ion battery anodes:
    • Flexibility
    • Adhesion
    • Wettability
    • Chemical stability
  • Performance benefits of binder developments:
    • Fast charging capabilities
    • Improved charging at low temperature
    • Coating runnability

Meet the experts

Christian Page

R&D Director, Trinseo

Julian Kalhoff

Battery Business Development Manager, Trinseo