Safety driven security: functional safety for advanced connected vehicle platforms

Mayank Sikaria, CTO, Sibros | LinkedIn

Dan Cauchy, Executive Director, Automotive Grade Linux | LinkedIn

Justin Cappos, Founder, Uptane

Bill Taylor, Managing Director, kVA by UL | LinkedIn

Phil Weicker, Co-Founder, Canoo | LinkedIn

As connected and autonomous vehicle technologies advance, so are the standards for software and what it means to have a secure vehicle. In this free, 60-minute webinar, a panel of experts from Canoo, Linux Foundation/AGL, Sibros, UL and Uptane, explore the importance of safety-driven automotive security.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Safety and security trends in transportation, mobility and vehicle design
  • What is safety-driven automotive security?
  • The role and impact of security and safety standards for connected vehicle, cloud and open source ecosystems
  • What are the challenges to setting and adopting new standards?
  • What’s next for Canoo, Linux Foundation/AGL, UL and Uptane?

Meet the experts

Mayank Sikaria

CTO, Sibros

Dan Cauchy

Executive Director, Automotive Grade Linux

Bill Taylor

Managing Director, kVA by UL

Phil Weicker

Co-Founder, Canoo