Vehicle-to-grid: where data meets energy

Martin Rothbart, Senior Product Manager Energy & Sustainability, AVL | LinkedIn

Gerhard Schagerl, Product Line Manager Data Intelligence, AVL | LinkedIn

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology has the potential to transform our energy system and positively impact climate change by better balancing the electric grid and introducing more energy from renewable sources. However, we must overcome numerous challenges before V2G can genuinely realise this potential.

In this free webinar, AVL’s Gerhard Schagerl and Martin Rothbart discuss the role V2G is poised to play in the future of mobility, the current challenges faced by stakeholders, and a potential roadmap for the future.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • V2G stakeholder-oriented business models
  • Data science approaches to handle different information sources
  • Understanding the technical hurdles of V2G
  • The impact of V2G on battery ageing
  • The effect of V2G on grid stability