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Scott Bergeon, Technical Director, North America, VI-grade

Today’s automotive industry must develop better and safer products in less time, minimizing the usage of physical prototypes and testing. Engineers require solutions that enable them to establish a collaborative platform among the industry.

This is particularly true when designing, testing and optimizing ADAS and autonomous vehicles, a process that requires engineers to perceive the external environment through sensors, predict the traffic flow through proper algorithms, and plan the reaction of the car acting on specific actuators.

In this free webinar, VI-grade’s Scott Bergeon explains how the latest versions of real-time software solutions from VI-grade enable users to drive and optimize a reliable vehicle model, both offline on the workstation and with a human-in-the-loop on a driving simulator.

Key topics and takeaways:

  • Learn how to quickly investigate the effect of suspension design changes (hardpoints and data) through the built-in VI-CarRealTime Investigation mode
  • Experience the new VI-WorldSim stand-alone package, which enables a focus on offline investigations
  • Discover the new set of graphic environments available in the latest version of VI-WorldSim

Webinar video

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Scott Bergeon

Technical Director, North America, VI-grade